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        A Message from Our CEO

        A Message from our CEO, Rich Stern, in light of the recent events at the US Capitol and the upcoming Presidential Inauguration.


        It has been called “the theater of the mind” for no other medium can fire our emotional and intellectual capacities quite as completely as radio does. Moreover, no instrument or technology can connect, inspire, compel, illuminate and entertain quite as powerfully as the human voice.

        At TuneIn, our mission is to reinvent radio for a connected world. We draw from radio’s rich and storied history with deep reverence as we seek to chart a bright new future. Our platform is a celebration of the human voice and we believe deeply in the need for all voices to be heard. We provide our 75M listeners globally with the most diverse and inclusive catalogue of audio broadcast content on the planet.

        Fundamentally, and without reservation, we encourage the free and open exchange of ideas. Sometimes that means hearing things on TuneIn from across the political and social spectrum that may be provocative, offensive or controversial. You may disagree strongly with it. However, we do not believe it is our place to censor or edit it. We encourage each of our listeners to decide for themselves what they want to listen to and what they do not – ultimately empowering our global audience to drive the success or failure of programming on our platform with the power of their own ears.

        There are occasions, however, when a content creator may create irresponsible or hateful content that transcends the protections of free speech and may spur acts of violence. As a business, we do not seek to profit from that kind of activity nor can we ethically stand by and allow it to threaten the safety of the communities we serve. In these cases, we will act responsibly, and in the interest of all listeners, to remove those creators from our platform. This removal may also extend to the broadcast networks that deliver such creator’s content to us – especially if we observe repeated patterns of irresponsible or inappropriate programming being delivered from their networks. We reserve the right to do so even if the content in question didn’t appear on TuneIn, but on other global media platforms like YouTube, Twitter or Facebook. Or, if it has been removed from the platforms of our technology partners such as Amazon AWS, Google or Apple.

        If you believe there is content on the TuneIn platform that should be removed, I encourage you to tell us about it by sending an email to

        If your content has been removed from our platform and you believe this has been done in error, you may appeal our decision by sending an email to

        Thank you for listening, and continuing to support the TuneIn community and our global radio partners.

        Warm regards,