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      TuneIn User Needing Help


        TuneIn Is at Your Command With Samsung Bixby

        San Francisco, CA – April 1, 2020

        Samsung mobile phone users can now listen to their favorite audio without lifting a finger.

        As of this week, TuneIn is available as a capsule on the Bixby voice assistant, allowing you to access over 100,000 live radio stations with your voice alone.

        Once you activate the capsule and set TuneIn as your default radio, turning on the station you want to hear is as easy as asking a question.

        Here’s How to Set Up TuneIn with Bixby:

        1. First, make sure the TuneIn app is installed on your phone.
        2. To activate the TuneIn capsule, simply press the Bixby button or right swipe on your Samsung phone.
        3. Next, try requesting a station you want to hear with a command like, “Hey Bixby, play KQED” or “Hey Bixby, play ESPN Radio.”
        4. The first time you request a station, you will be prompted to set TuneIn as your default radio provider. Say “Yes” and you’re ready to go!